Guitar Planet SALE Now On!

We are having a huge sale and everything in stock is going at near cost. Because of the low pricing you will have to Contact us for the details. We cannot publicly advertise the prices.

Please include the correct contact details. Many don't and we can't answer your queries as a result.

Doobie Brothers Interview

Recently we sat down with legendary rockers Tom Johnston and Pat Simmons from the Doobie Brothers. The interview takes place backstage after a sellout show. The new album is called "World Gone Crazy".
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Ernie Ball Wah Discontinued

Yes that's correct, the Ernie Ball wah is to be discontinued! Australia has been allocated 25 units only. In my opinion it's one of the best wah pedals around. Normally $325, Sale price is $195 shipped. These will be collectable for sure.
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Voodoo Lab products are here.

Guitar planet now stocks the entire Voodoo Lab range. We have plenty of Stock available. Contact us for more info.
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Pickguard Warning

Please read before you decide to purchase after market accessories such as pickguards.
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